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The Clone Commando is an Enforcer Reinforcement unit for the Galactic Republic in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. Clone Commandos were added as part of the Cooperation Update.

Overview Edit

The Clone Commando is a tank that can withstand tons of damage from enemies while putting out lots of damage against enemies. Their primary weapon, the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle, has a high rate of fire and deals a fair amount of damage, but must be reloaded after a short period of time instead of put on cooldown.

Using their left ability, the Repulsor Blast knocks enemy players backwards within its range, leaving them vulnerable and unable to attack during that brief moment they are knocked down.

The Clone Commando's middle ability embodies their high survivability and damage. Activating the Battle Focus allows the Clone Commando to soak up damage done to both him and nearby allies in his vicinity. As they take reduced damage, the Clone Commando also heals himself as he damages enemies, allowing him to withstand a large amounts of damage while dealing a high amount of damage against enemy players.

But troopers aren't the only units vulnerable to the Clone Commando. Clone Commandos come equipped with a grenade launcher which they can mount on their primary blaster using their right ability, the Anti-Armor Attachment, which can be used to deal lots of damage against enemy vehicles. However, there is a long period of time as the Clone Commando must load each individual grenade; there is also a long transition between the Clone Commando attaching the grenade launcher on their blaster and taking it off.

Health and MovementEdit

Health Statistics for Clone Commando
Base Health 350
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Battle Hardened large Battle Hardened
Increases base health to 368 / 385 / 396 / 420
Health Regen Rate 40 health/sec
SWBFII CloneCommando Ability Battle Focus Icon Battle Focus ability
15 health per hit against enemy
55 health per kill
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Survivalist large Survivalist
Regeneration is increased to 55 / 70 / 79 / 100 health per second
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Enforcer Training large Enforcer Training
13 / 25 / 33 / 50 health per elimination
Regen Delay 11 sec


DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle
Weapon Image SWBFII DC-17M Icon
Damage 33-6
Rate of Fire 480 RPM
Damage per Second 264-48 DPS
Range Start damage drop-off: 10 meters
End damage drop-off: 35 meters
Venting 1.4 seconds
Overheat 29 shots (0.035 heat per shot)
Guantlet Vibroblade
Weapon Image SWBFII Melee Icon
Damage 75

Abilities Edit

Ability Icon SWBFII CloneCommando Ability Repulsor Blast Icon
In-game Description Discharges a short-range shockwave that temporarily disorients enemies and knocks them back.
Damage 25
Effect Knocks down opponents
Area of Effect 10 meters
Ability Cooldown 15 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII CloneCommando Ability Battle Focus Icon
In-game Description Activates an aura that reduces damage taken for the commando and nearby allies. Additionally, any damage the commando deals to enemies replenishes his base health.
Effect Gives the Clone Commndo and allies 25% damage reduction
Heals 15 points per hit against enemy
Heals 55 points per kill
Area of Effect 5 meters surrounding the Clone Commando
Ability Duration 11 seconds
Ability Cooldown 20 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Barrage Icon
In-game Description Reconfigures the DC-17M REPEATING BLASTER into a grenade launcher that fires up to 3 small grenades, with high efficiency against vehicles and shields.
Damage 150 per grenade (Base)
135 per grenade (Infantry)
Effect Loads 3 grenades
Area of Effect Blast Radius: 6 meters
Inner Blast Radius: 3 meters
Ability Cooldown 10 seconds

Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Survivalist large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Enforcer Training large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Expert Weapons Handling large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Acquisition large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Battle Hardened large
Survivalist Enforcer Training Expert Weapons Handling Acquisition Battle Hardened


Default commando Jungle striker commando Urban fighter commando
Default Appearance
Jungle Striker
Urban Fighter

Updates Edit

October 2019 Patch

  • Fixed an issue with increased damage reduction for Clone Commando's Battle Focus damage reduction. The damage reduction is set to 25% (previously at 50%)

October 4, 2019 server-side update

  • Raised cost to 2,000 BP on large modes. Prior to this change the Commando costed 1,000 BP

Cooperation Update

  • Added.

Gallery Edit

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