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Clone Trooper/Original (Republic Troopers)
Clone Trooper
Basic Info



Galactic Republic

Unit Details

DC-15 Blaster Rifle

Secondary Weapon:

DC-15s Sidearm Blaster


Thermal Detonators

Clone Troopers are the main infantry force of the Grand Army of the Republic, and the elite 501st Legion.

Clone Troopers are armed with the powerful and accurate but short ranged DC-15 Blaster Rifle to destroy the enemies of the Republic.

In previous campaigns on Geonosis and planets like Bespin they were equipped with Phase I Clone Armor but have more recently upgraded to the Phase II Armor.

The elite Clone Troopers made up the majority of the Galactic Republic's Military and served on many different planets. The Clone Trooper is the equivalent to the slower but more heavily armored Super Battle Droid, as well as the Rebel Soldier. Their successors are the Stormtroopers.

Attacks (SWBFII)[]

Name Image Ammo
DC-15 Blaster Rifle DC-15 200 Shots
DC-15s Sidearm Blaster DC-15s Infinite Shots
V-1 Thermal Detonator V-1 4 Count

Attacks (SWBFI)[]

Name Image Ammo
DC-15 Blaster Rifle DC-15 240 Shots
DC-15s Sidearm Blaster DC-15s Infinite Shots
EMP Grenade V-2 3 Count
Concussion Grenade V-3 2 Count

Award Weapons[]



  • Originalgeo
    The Clone Trooper's pistol bears a striking resemblance to the DC-15S Blaster Carbine, albeit being one-handed.
  • The in-game Clone Troopers in Battlefront 2 are members of the 501st Legion.
  • When in the field of battle in the far reaches of the Galaxy, Clones would often personalize their armor to proclaim themselves as individuals. Instead of just cogs in the machine that was the Galactic Republic.