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The Cloud Car, also known as the Storm IV Twin-Pod cloud car, is a starfighter used by the Bespin Wing Guard.

Star Wars Battlefront[]


It was added as a pilotable vehicle in Star Wars Battlefront as part of the Bespin expansion pack. It can be used by the Rebels and the Empire. It is available in Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Turning Point, and certain maps of Sabotage.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]


In the campaign mission Under Covered Skies, Del and Iden locate a Cloud Car and use it to leave the station. They discover three Imperial Star Destroyers refueling at a refinery and begin to attack the fuel cells on the refineries to take out the Star Destroyers.


  • Unlike the original games, the Cloud Car now has different colors to show which faction is in control of the car, and is currently the only vehicle to do so. If the Cloud Car is orange, it means a Rebel is piloting the vehicle. If the car is blue, it means that an Imperial is in control.
  • Even though the Cloud Car was added as a new vehicle it is only playable on maps set in and around Cloud City.
  • The Cloud Car is fairly weak to blaster fire, and can easily be taken down by any normal infantry unit.
  • Out of all the vehicles, this one has the lowest rate of fire.