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"Join a squad of four other players and go up against the enemy team of AI opponents. Capture one of the Command Posts to continue the battle into the next phase, and make use of vehicles, reinforcements and heroes to gain the upper hand."
— In-game Description

Co-Op is a PvE co-op experience in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II where four players play with and against AI-controlled enemies in large-scale battles with unique scenarios set during the Clone Wars.[1] Players can spawn as reinforcements, heroes, and vehicles to change the tide of battle. Co-Op arrived on September 25, 2019 as part of the Cooperation Update.[2]

In the Another Night on Endor Update, the ability for players to defend[3], select their faction (Galactic Republic or Separatists) and fight against each other while supported by AI troops was added.[4]

AI vehicles are to come in a future update.

Overview Edit

In Co-Op, four players team up with each other, as is in traditional co-op modes, to fight alongside with and against teams of AI bots. Currently, Co-Op only takes place during the Clone Wars. Each map has unique objectives and scenarios; depending on the planet, the Galactic Republic and the Separatists will be either attacking or defending. In addition to standard troopers, players (and AI) can also spawn as reinforcements, heroes, and, in a future update, vehicles.

Maps Edit

The following maps are playable in Co-Op:

Prior to the Another Night on Endor Update, which brought faction selection and defending on these maps[3], each map had an unique scenario:

  • The Republic would attack on Trippa Hive and Tagata.
  • The Separatists would attack on Kachirho Beach, Cloning Facility and Theed.

Trivia Edit

  • Co-Op is very similar to the PvP mode Turning Point from DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. In Turning Point, a team of attackers would have to capture one control point at a time in order to secure a sector before moving onto the next sector (or set of control points), much like in Co-Op. This is also similar to the Operations mode from DICE's Battlefield 1 and Breakthrough from Battlefield V.
  • At its launch, the AI in Co-Op were only able to use Chewbacca, Yoda, Bossk and Darth Maul. This was due to a bug where the post-launch Clone Wars heroes (Grievous, Dooku, Obi-Wan and Anakin) were locked for them. This was patched in the October 2019 Patch.[5]

Updates Edit

Another Night on Endor Update

  • The AI are now able to use Clone Commandos and Droidekas.
  • Faction selection and Defend scenarios added to CO-OP.
  • Co-Op is now accessible from the Frontend menu, through a special tile next to Single Player and Multiplayer. Players can then select the faction they want to play as.
  • Redesigned the Co-Op in-game scoreboard to focus only on the playing team.
  • Fixed an issue with lack of accurate objective messaging during phase shifts on Co-Op.
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally not show up correctly during the End-Of-Round Scoreboard screen on Co-Op.
  • Fixed an issue where 2 players would occasionally spawn in Out-Of-Bounds areas when playing Co-Op on Naboo.
  • Balancing and tweaking of several Co-Op maps, such as changing the amount of Command Posts in certain maps and phases.

October 2019 Patch

  • Made various balancing changes on various CO-OP maps (Kamino, Felucia, Geonosis). Changes include tweaking AI and human player spawn points, adding props for coverage, adjusting number of Command Posts per phase, adjusting the areas of effect around Command Posts etc.
  • Adjusted the spawning rate of enemy Hero AI on CO-OP, by increasing the cooldown in-between spawning.
  • Added scoring when completing a phase on CO-OP.
  • Fixed an issue that would remove the timer when the player would go in an Out-Of-Bounds area, when playing a CO-OP map.
  • Fixed an issue where the intro camera on Naboo and Kamino would occasionally make a jarring movement.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get Separatist Announcer VO at the end of a CO-OP game, if you played as a Wookiee Warrior.
  • Fixed an issue where all AI heroes would not spawn in, effectively enabling AI control of General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker.
  • Different default Appearances have also been set up for the AI on CO-OP and Instant Action
    • 212th Attack Battalion Phase 1 for Galactic Republic AI players on Geonosis - CO-OP
    • 212th Attack Battalion Phase 2 for Galactic Republic AI players on Geonosis - Instant Action
    • Default Phase 1 for Galactic Republic AI players on Kamino - CO-OP
    • 104th Wolfpack Co. Phase 2 for Galactic Republic AI players on Kamino - Instant Action
    • 41st Elite Corps Phase 2 for Galactic Republic AI players on Kashyyyk - CO-OP and Instant Action
    • 327th Star Corps Phase 2 for Galactic Republic AI players on Felucia - CO-OP and Instant Action
    • 501st Legion Phase 2 for Galactic Republic AI players on Naboo - CO-OP and Instant Action
    • B1 Droid Geonosis appearance for Separatist AI players on Geonosis - CO-OP and Instant Action.
    • B1 Droid Jungle appearance for Separatist AI players on Kashyyyk - CO-OP and Instant Action.

Cooperation Update

  • Added.

References Edit

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