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Cobalt Hero is a Rare Appearance for the ARC Trooper in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. Like other Clone Trooper Appearances, Cobalt Hero has a Phase I version and Phase II version that features different helmets. Each version can be purchased for 20,000 Credits SWBFII Credits Icon or 500 Crystals SWBFII Crystals Iconbut can be purchased together along with the Lambent Seeker and Umbra Operative skins from the ARC Trooper Bundle for 1,500 Crystals. This Appearance is also automatically unlocked with the Celebration Edition upgrade.

Cobalt Hero was added as part of The Celebration Update.


  • This was one of the first Appearances for Reinforcement units.
  • This is one of the first Appearances that does not have an in-game description describing the outfit's significance in the universe of Star Wars.
    • This is likely due to the fact that this specific clone armor design was never-before-seen in any Star Wars media and therefore created specifically for the game, making this Appearance one of the first of its type.
    • Although, the color-scheme would suggest this appearance is based on the 501st Legion.


The Celebration Update

  • Added.