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Rebel Alliance

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Col Serra is a leader of the Rebel Alliance and the founder of Renegade Squadron. He only appears in the spin-off games, making him a non canonical character.


Name Image Ammo
DH-17 Blaster Rifle DH-17 Infinite Shots
CR-1 Blast Cannon CR-1 Infinite Shots
Cluster Grenades TD Infinite Count
Rage Rage 1 Use


Col Serra was an old friend of Han Solo from his smuggling days. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo asked Col to recruit soldiers that do not need any training for the Rebel Alliance's new fitting unit called Renegade Squadron. Serra understood the mission and started scouring the galaxy for the right mix of pirates, thugs, bounty hunters, misfits, and renegades. He then became the commander of Renegade Squadron.

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