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Command Posts are objectives featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

In Strike, Command Posts appear on Kashyyyk: Kachirho Beach, and must be armed with an explosive by the attacking Separatists while the defending Galactic Republic must prevent the Separatists from planting an explosive on their Command Posts and deactivate any planted explosives before they detonate.

In Capital Supremacy, five neutral Command Posts can be captured by either team, and, once a Command Post is captured, it must be defended to prevent the enemy team from capturing it. Command Posts increase reinforcements, and once a certain number of reinforcements are obtained, a transport ship is summoned to transport players to attack the enemy team's capital ship. If that team fails to do so, then players are returned to the ground to fight over the Command Posts again.[1]

In Co-Op, attackers must capture one Command Post in a sector in order to advance to the next sector while defenders must prevent the attackers from capturing any of the available Command Posts.

Command Posts also appear in Instant Action, which features the ground phase of Capital Supremacy.

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  • "Command Posts" refer to the Command Posts that appear in the original Star Wars: Battlefront games developed by Pandemic Studios. These Command Posts were objectives in Conquest that had to be captured. Captured Command Posts could be spawned on and also used to change classes in-game without respawning. They are essentially flags from the Battlefield series developed by DICE.

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