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A green Command Post in an earlier build of SWBFII.

Command Posts, or CPs, are key spots on the battlefield. They appear in different colors to represent the faction they belong to. If they appear green (or blue in Battlefront II), then it belongs to your team. If the CP is red, then the command post is your enemy's. In Battlefront there are also yellow coloured neutral command posts that spawn neutral teams which side with no one. These NPCs include Wookiees, Tusken Raiders, Jawas, Gungans and the Royal Naboo. This format is not to be confused with any good side or bad side format because blue/green is always you and red is always the enemy.  White CP's are owned by neither team and may be captured by either.

Usefulness of Command PostsEdit

  • They are places where units can respawn. If you don't have any then you can't respawn reinforcements.
  • They affect reinforcement numbers and if you own less than 2 you lose reinforcements. the same is true about the enemies.
  • If you own all the command posts the victory timer with twenty seconds will count down. If no command posts are lost by the time the timer reaches 0, then you win the battle.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront II, you must control 1/2 +1 of the CPs to cause Reinforcement loss.
  • If you control a command post, some of your team's vehicles will appear there.
  • When the soldier switches classes while having less/no ammo. The class they switch has little ammo.


  • In the game, all a player needs to do to capture a CP is stand near it until the cross icon at the side goes from red to white to green (or blue in the case of Battlefront 2).
  • The command post in the shield bunker is destroyable in Battlefront but not in Battlefront II
  • The command post from Elite Squadron and Renegade Squadron does not look the same as in the normal skins shown in the Star Wars Battlefront main line.
  • The command post seen in the Battlefront III Alpha Footage has a different design again to any of the previous ones.

Other command postsEdit

  • Some command posts are destructible and cannot be captured by the enemy team.
  • Vehicles such as the AT-AT and AT-TE also serve as moving command posts.
  • Nonmoving structures like the Techno-Union ships, Assembly Area, and Shield Generator act as command posts and must be destroyed in to stop enemy reinforcements from spawning there.
  • In space, a gunship can serve as a command post, though players can't respawn from it while it's in space.

Videos Edit

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