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The Commando Pistol is basically an upgraded version of the Blaster Pistol, carried only by a few units. The Commando Pistol is identical to the Blaster Pistol carried by its faction, but has a very high fire rate. This allows for quick killing, however the only drawback is that it will overheat quickly due to its high fire rate. This weapon is not to be confused with the Awards- Precision Pistol.

DC-17 WESTAR-25 DL-44a SE-14c



  • In Star Wars Battlefront 1, only the Jet Trooper carries the commando pistol. The imperial counterpart carries a standard blaster pistol.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront 2, both the Jet Trooper and the Dark Trooper have a commando pistol.
  • Outside of basic conquest, all pilots in space mission in Star Wars Battlefront 2 have the commando pistol.
  • Jango Fett carries the Westar-33 Blaster, which functions the same as the commando pistol. The only differences are the distance for the bolt to travel, and that the Westar-33 blaster needs ammo.