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A Community Transmission released in February 2019 detailing some changes to Clone Trooper customization

"Punch it!"
— The retired tagline of Community Transmissions, which appeared at the end of each announcement

A Community Transmission, or CT, was a blog post that was regularly released by the development team of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II when new content was regularly added in monthly game updates. Community Transmissions detailed specific topics about the game, including deep dives into updates, future content, and other behind-the-scenes information. Community Transmissions were posted on the official Star Wars Battlefront II forums and announced via social media. Some months featured multiple Community Transmissions, while others only one. Community Transmissions were released on a monthly basis starting in April 2018.

On April 28th, 2020, the last Community Transmission was released, detailing the end of content updates to Battlefront II. With this announcement, the second phase of the game's live-service was revealed: continued support for the game's servers, but without new content or major updates.

List of Community Transmissions[]

A list of all Community Transmissions from oldest to newest, with external links to where they can be read.


Ewoks vs Stormtroopers

Night on Endor was the first update to have a Community Transmission

Obi-Wan and Grievous on Geonosis - Battlefront II

Six Community Transmissions were released in October and November detailing General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the planet Geonosis



2019 started with a deep-dive into the Sith Lord Count Dooku

SWBFII Capital Supremacy Promo Anakin

Players learned about Anakin Skywalker and the mode Capital Supremacy through Community Transmissions


DICE revealed the addition of Droidekas through a Community Transmission


An August Community Transmission revealed the addition of Clone Commandos and the return of Instant Action from the original Battlefront series



Battle on Scarif Key Art

The last Community Transmission was released in April 2020, marking the end of the game's live-service content support

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