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Concussed is a status effect in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that disorients players by affecting their character's vision. It is similar to the Blinded status effect. Concussed can be inflicted by the Death Trooper and the hero Boba Fett.

Caused by[]

Concussed is caused by the following unit abilities:

Effect on player[]

When the player is concussed, the player's screen is blurred for a few seconds and a ringing noise will play.


The player knows when enemies are Concussed by the following indicators:

  • The word "CONCUSSED" will appear above the enemy
  • The enemy will shield their eyes with their arm for the duration of the Concussion effect


Similar to the Blinded status effect, Concussed is best used on groups of enemies around corners or in capture areas. In the case of capture areas, disorienting enemies who are defending it will make it easier to dispatch them.