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Conquest is the main mode in Star Wars: Battlefront I and Star Wars: Battlefront II, as it simulates an actual Star Wars battle. It is the only combat mode available on every map, excluding space maps (space maps have a mode called Assault which is basically Conquest in space) . In this mode, each team is given a set number of Command Posts and a set number of units (a unit count is located at the top-center of the screen). On most maps, each army also gets one or more vehicles, i.e. AT-RT, IFT-X Tank, AT-AT, ect. There are two ways in which to win while playing this mode: you can eliminate all the enemy forces, and win automatically; or you can capture all the command posts on the map, and a timer set at twenty seconds begins to count down just below your radar. When this timer hits zero, your team wins; however, if the other team manages to capture a command post before the time runs out, the battle will continue. Conquest mode allows you to access the regular infantry of the team you are on and the heroes if they are on. The most straight-forward mode available, Conquest is very fun, and many online battles will be this type of combat.


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