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This page is about Han Solo's Corellia Escape appearance. For his other appearance added in The Han Solo Season, see Beckett's Crew.

"A scrumrat from before he can remember, Han worked the streets as a member of one of Corellia's most dangerous gangs, the White Worms. After running afoul of Lady Proxima, the Worms' fearsome leader, Han scrambled to save his neck and make it off-world, inadvertently launching him into the life of adventure he'd long dreamt of."
— In-game description

Corellia Escape is a Legendary appearance for Han Solo in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that was released as part of The Han Solo Season. It costs 80,000 Credits or 2,000 Crystals to unlock.


This skin is based on Han Solo's first appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story when he is still living on Corellia.



Han Solo Season Update 2

  • Added.