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Corellian Corvette (Rebel Blockade Runner)
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Rebel Alliance

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Frigate Defence

The Corellian Corvette, also known as blockade runners, is a support ship and frigate for the Rebel Alliance. As a support ship, spawning or attempting to board it is impossible, as the ship is too small. Like all support ships and frigates, it cannot be entered or controlled. The frigate is used as a first defense before enemy ships get to the Capital Ships, and it also can be relief to pilots who are trying to escape enemy pilots.

The frigate is always armed with auto turrets. A ship of this class is always near a capital ship in Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Combat maps.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Corellian Corvette appears to be the CR70 model, and not the CR90, as the CR90 model is longer than the CR70.
  • Despite appearing as a Frigate, the CR-70 is a corvette class starship, which are far smaller than frigates in Star Wars Canon.
  • The map Tantive IV: Interior, despite popular belief, does not take place inside this ship, as the Tantive IV is a CR90 Corvette.

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