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Coruscant is a map featured in Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Like other maps in Elite Squadron, it consists of three 'levels' - the surface, orbital battle, and capital ship interiors.

The surface consists of five command posts: two landing pads at opposite ends of the map, two command posts close to the central tower, and the Ion Cannon controls inside the central tower. A road passes underneath the central tower through which tanks can be used to reach the other side of the map.


The campaign mission begins during the invasion of Coruscant. X2 is called into space by Ferroda and tasked with destroying enough Separatist fighters in order to buy time for the ground Ion Cannon to take out the Separatist cruiser's shields. Once the shields are taken down, X2 boards the Separatist cruiser, where he fights his way to their Orbital Strike Cannon. X2 uses the cannon to destroy Separatist AATs and Droid Gunships on the ground. With that task completed, Ferroda calls X2 to the surface of Coruscant to assist Mace Windu. Boarding an Escape Pod, X2 makes his way to the surface and fights through Separatist forces to reach Windu. Windu tasks X2 with repairing a turret and using it to clear debris blocking their path. Once their path is clear, X2 and Windu advance into the tower, where they encounter several of Grievous' MagnaGuards. Windu passes X2 an Electrostaff in order to help in the fight. After destroying the Magnaguards, Windu and Grievous continue into the centre of the tower, where they find General Grievous. Windu and X2 team up against Grievous, forcing the Separatist general to flee.



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