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Cut Content
This article contains information about content that was cut before release of the game.

This article is a list of content that was ultimately removed from the games of the Star Wars: Battlefront series prior to their respective releases.

Content cut from Star Wars: Battlefront[]

Star Wars: Battlefront contains a large amount of content that was removed or changed during development.

  • Units had different loadouts:
    • The Clone Trooper did not have EMP Grenades, but instead had Thermal Detonators.
    • The Super Battle Droid lacked the Tri-Shot.
    • Pilots were armed with Blaster Pistols, Fusion Cutters, and Haywire Grenades, which would explode upon impact and eject the occupants of vehicles.
    • The Republic Jet Trooper was armed with the DN Bolt Caster instead of the EMP Launcher.
  • Certain weapons had different 'firing modes'.
  • Each faction had a sixth 'Commander' unit:
    • The Republic had a Clone Commander, armed with a Grenade Launcher, Recon Droid and Powerup Dispenser. Its model unit was an ARC Trooper with red markings.
    • The CIS had a Tactical Droid, armed with a Sonic Blaster, a Blaster Pistol, and a 'Droid Enhancer' which increased health, damage or speed dependent on which mode was selected. Its model was a standard B1 Battle Droid.
    • The Rebels had a Rebel Spy, armed with a Seeker Rifle, Remote Detonators, and a Disguise Kit which could cycle through enemy appearances.
    • The Empire had the Imperial Officer, which was armed with a Blaster Pistol and a powerup dispenser for health and ammo.
  • The majority of maps were in a much earlier state or were completely different from their final iterations.
  • Certain units had different appearances to their final counterparts:
    • The Republic's Clone Pilot had a standard Phase 1 model with yellow markings.
    • The Republic's Clone Sharpshooter had black markings.
    • The CIS' Assassin Droid used an IG-88 model.

Content cut from Star Wars: Battlefront II[]

Originally, Star Wars: Battlefront II was planned to contain all of the maps from the original Star Wars: Battlefront, but as the game evolved, many of those maps were removed. Revised versions of Bespin: Cloud City, Rhen Var: Harbour, Rhen Var: Citadel and Yavin 4: Arena were later released as Xbox-exclusive DLC.

Additionally, the following trailers display some cut content:


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 1


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 2