"When General Grievous defeats an enemy trooper, he regains twenty health. If he defeats an enemy hero, he regains even more."
— In-game Description

Cyborg Rage is a Boost Card for the Dark Side hero General Grievous in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be unlocked for 1 Skill Point starting when General Grievous has been leveled up to Level 10.


Almost obligatory in the large team modes Galactic Assault and Capital Supremacy, Cyborg Rage allows General Grievous to instantly heal a maximum of 100 health upon personally defeating an enemy hero, as well as healing 20 health per defeat of enemy trooper, regardless of card rarity. When used in conjunction with Beating Heart, which increases the amount of health General Grievous can regenerate, players can greatly increase Grievous' survivability.


Cyborg Rage Statistics
Affects Health
Unlocked at General Grievous Level 10
Unlock Cost 1 Skill Point
Card Rarity Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Health regained upon defeat of enemy hero 40 60 80 100
Upgrade Cost N/A 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point 1 Skill Point
Upgrade Requirements N/A N/A General Grievous Level 12 General Grievous Level 25


General Grievous Update

  • Added.

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