"Designed to fire solid projectiles, this crude but reliable rifle is excellent at hitting targets at extreme ranges and penetrating energy shields."
— In-game description.

The Cycler Rifle is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it is classified as an Asset Card. It is one of the two sniper rifle Star Cards, the other being the Pulse Cannon.


The Cycler Rifle is unlocked at rank 28.

The Cycler Rifle is a single-shot Sniper Rifle that fires solid projectiles instead of blaster shots with a reload (recharge) time of 15 seconds (10 seconds when upgraded). These solid rounds have a muzzle velocity of 300m/s, making it necessary for the user to lead their shots by aiming ahead of their intended target. The bullets are also affected by gravity, causing them travel in a rather steep ballistic trajectory, forcing the shooter to aim upwards when firing at long-range targets. If the shot strikes a target within 10 meters of the shooter, it will deal a total of 100 damage, resulting in a one-shot-kill under normal circumstances. Past 10 meters, however, the Cycler Rifle's damage drops off to 90 damage, making it unable to score a one-shot-kill unless the shooter can land headshot, in which case the Cycler Rifle will inflict double damage.

When comparing the Cycler Rifle to its main competitor, the Pulse Cannon, the Cycler Rifle has a number of downsides:

  • The Pulse Cannon is capable of scoring a one-shot-kill once fully charged (or with a headshot) regardless of range, whereas the Cycler Rifle is unable to score a one-shot-kill past 10 meters unless the user is able to score a headshot.
  • The Pulse Cannon also has a far higher shot velocity and its shot travels in a straight line towards its target while the Cycler Rifle's solid projectiles travel in a ballistic trajectory and are slow compared to blaster shots.

Despite these downsides, the Cycler Rifle has four known advantages over the Pulse Cannon:

  • The Pulse Cannon requires a short charge-up before it can be fired while the Cycler Rifle can be fired immediately after equipping it.
  • The Pulse Cannon cannot be fired unless aiming down the scope while the Cycler Rifle can be shoulder-fired freely and with relatively good accuracy to boot.
  • When moving, the Pulse Cannon suffers a drastic decrease in accuracy while the Cycler Rifle suffers from a far smaller accuracy penalty.
  • The final advantage is that the Cycler Rifle can shoot through Personal- and Squad Shields (both the Normal one and Leia's version), the only other weapons capable of doing this are the Scatter Gun and the Stinger Pistol.

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