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Best weapon: DC-15LE

"Main battle rifle of the Clone Army that can be modified for longer range engagements or offer devastating explosive damage."
— In-game description

The DC-15LE is a fully-automatic heavy blaster in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be used by the Heavy class after eliminating 50 enemies with the Heavy.


The DC-15LE is an elongated heavy blaster baring resemblance to its less refined form, the DC-15, which was notably smaller and lacked its explosive and long-ranged weapon modifications. Featuring long cooling coils, the DC-15LE has a long, triangular stock, used to make the blaster more maneuverable and easier to use. In addition, the DC-15LE features a small stock that is used to give the blaster different firing positions.[1]


A step-up from the DC-15, the DC-15LE trades accuracy at range for power and a high rate of fire. Its three weapon modifications - Reduced Recoil, Improved Zoom, and Exploding Shot - all assist in counterbalancing its weaknesses in range and damage.

The DC-15LE is a powerful close-range threat whose versatility allows it to function on both offensive and defensive fronts. Respectable power allows it to consistently damage and break through opposing teams, and its access to the coveted Exploding Shot bypasses a more defensive approach, capable of holding objectives without use of the Heavy Sentry. When paired with the Combat Shield, the DC-15LE is one of the most effective counters to the likes of the Blurgg-1120, allowing it to break through some of the Heavy class's greatest weaknesses - by effectively countering them. Its poor range is almost completely remedied when paired with its latter weapon modification, with its explosivity not only maximizing power - but also reducing its spread and adding splash damage, allowing it to retain its power even at range and further its defensive potency - albeit giving sacrifice to its attacking front.


Regarding Reduced Recoil: by removing its recoil almost entirely, the DC-15LE becomes much easier to use, removing the necessity to work against its recoil patterns. This weapon modification goes hand in hand with the DC-15LE, working well at all ranges and in all situations.

Regarding Improved Zoom: this adds optics to the DC-15LE, allowing the player to see distant enemies clearer. Despite having its uses, this weapon modification has no imprint on gunplay or its actual statistics, but if the Exploding Shot is of no use, it is helpful.

Regarding Exploding Shot: in reducing its rate of fire, the DC-15LE becomes substantially more accurate and powerful, allowing it to become more potent at range. This optimises the Heavy class's virtue in controlling narrow spaces, adding splash damage to kill enemies behind cover without the necessity to deploy the elusive Supercharged or Explosive Sentry. By acting as a pseudo version thereof, the DC-15LE can preserve the use of these Star Cards, making many situations a Heavy may encounter to which the only response is the Sentry, prevented. However, the Exploding Shot can lose offensive power on the DC-15LE - its cooling power is halved, making it more difficult to plough through enemies, and, while the weapon de-heats much faster, its time to kill is still strictly lower. However, its ranged potency and augmented damage are still difficult to pass up, unless offensive support is more inclined. Also, note that the player can damage themselves by shooting walls close to them - so always ensure your shots are inclined with the enemy, not a wall that may be providing cover.


Damage 16-10
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Lowers end damage to 9
Applies 9 explosive damage
Rate of Fire 700 RPM
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Lowers rate of fire to 420
Damage per Second 186.6-116.6 DPS
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Reduces start DPS to 175

Increases end DPS to 126

Range Start damage drop-off: 20 meters
End damage drop-off: 40 meters
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Blast Radius: 2 meters
Inner Blast Radius: 1 meter
Venting 2.5 seconds
Overheat 56 shots (0.0181818 heat per shot)
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Lowers to 25 shots (0.04090905 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 5 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.1 heat per second
SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon Explosive Shot
Increases cooling power to 0.225 heat per second


Name Reduced Recoil
Mod Icon SWBFII Weapon Mod Rangefinder Icon
In-game Description Digital Rangefinder that calculates distance during sustained fire to compensate weapon recoil.
Effect Reduces recoil of the weapon
Prerequisite 25 kills with DC-15LE

Name Improved Zoom
Mod Icon SWBFII Weapon Mod Scope Icon
In-game Description Weapon scope with mid-range magnification for greater zoom distances.
Effect Applies a greater zoom
Prerequisite 75 kills with DC-15LE

Name Explosive Shot
Mod Icon SWBFII Weapon Mod Barrel Extension Icon
In-game Description Unstable plasma that explodes on impact, dispersing the bolt damage across a small area. Due to its volatile nature, the blaster builds heat significantly faster.
Effect Lowers end damage to 9
Adds 9 explosive damage
Lowers rate of fire to 420
Increases heat per bullet from 0.0181818 to 0.04090905
Prerequisite 150 kills with DC-15LE


  • The DC-15LE with the Explosive Shot modification is used by Purge Troopers in Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


June 11th Patch

  • Fixed an issue where the DC-15LE weapon would have no crosshair when close aiming, if the Improved Zoom attachment was equipped.


Reduced Recoil[]

Improved Zoom[]

Explosive Shot[]


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