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The following article/section contains information about mods or modded content, and is not considered to be canon.
DC-15S Blaster Carbine

DC-15 Carbine

Type Blaster Carbine
Ammo Varies
Rate of Attack Varies
Affiliation Galactic Republic
Status Mod

The DC-15S Blaster Carbine, more commonly known as the DC-15 Carbine is a weapon commonly used in mods, it is often used to replace pistols or rifles on Republic units. In most mods it replaces the Clone Trooper's DC-15 Blaster Rifle, the latter being changed to a more powerful weapon. In some mods It replaces the DC-15s Sidearm Blaster on the Clone Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Clone Engineer, and/or Clone Heavy Trooper. The TH-17 Flamethrower in one mod uses its skin. The Clone Shadow Trooper's DC-19 Stealth Carbine also uses it's skin. Some mods give the DN Bolt Caster this skin.


  • This is the most commonly used mod weapon in the Battlefront series.
  • Unlike most side mods, in the mod map "Ryloth: Nabat" the DC-15S is more powerful than the DC-15a.
  • The in-game skin of the DC-15s pistol resembles this weapon, albeit being one-handed.
  • Because of the above, it may have been intended for the pistol to be this weapon.
  • This is the standard firearm for clones in the animated series.