DC-15x Sniper Rifle
DC-15x Full.PNG
Basic Info

Sniper Rifle


Galactic Republic

Weapon Details
  • 42 (BFI)
  • 35 (BFII)
Rate of Fire:

2 seconds per shot



The DC-15x is the Galactic Republic's Sniper Rifle. It is the predecessor to the E-11s Sniper Rifle of the Galactic Empire. It was designed to bring hard-hitting rounds at the Droids, and was equipped to the Clone Sharpshooters. The Galactic Empire decided to do away with this weapon because it was old technology. This weapon can zoom in to a x10 factor; however, it is a difficult weapon to use, due to its low ammo capacity. Being a sniper rifle, it is poor for close-range encounters. People who choose to be Snipers must be protected by the Soldier (class).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon was designed for the Star Wars: Battlefront Series, and has since appeared in Star Wars: Galactic Defense and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
  • The original model is shared with the Empire's E-11s Sniper Rifle, and is based on both the MG-34 and MG-42 machine guns. The DC-15x has a wooden grip and stock while the E-11s has a gun metal grip and stock.

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