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The DC-17 is a blaster pistol featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is available to the Clone Officer, Clone Jet Trooper, and ARC Trooper.


The DC-17 is one of the default weapons for the Officer. This means it shares the same statistics as the other default Officer weapons for the other factions. This also means that modifications can not be equipped, which limits the overall potential of the weapon.

The blaster pistol is best suited for close range combat and grows less effective over range due to the fact that  the weapon's damage and range will drop quickly.

There are three verisons of this blaster pistol, each used by Galactic Republic. The Clone Jet Trooper and the ARC Trooper possess enhanced verisons of the base blaster. The Clone Jet Trooper's DC-17 deals more damage, while the ARC Trooper wields two of these pistols, allowing for a better overall rate of fire.


  • In Star Wars canon, Captain Rex was a notable clone who wielded dual DC-17's
  • The blaster's front end was shorter at launch. This was changed in the Capital Supremacy Update.


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