The DL-18 is a Blaster Pistol featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was added as a free weapon alongside the DLT-19X Targeting Rifle in the Outer Rim Expansion Pack.

The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with medium range, and a massive cool down, meaning it can fire multiple shots before it overheats. However, while its damage is fairly good, it will require one more shot than the DT-12 to kill an enemy soldier.

The Hutt Contract needed to unlock the weapon (Bounty Hunter I) requires achieving 3 Blaster Pistol Streaks (Get 7 kills with a Blaster Pistol in a round and it will count as a streak) and getting 15 kills with the Scout Pistol.

This weapon made a small appearance in Return of the Jedi when Luke grabbed this blaster from a guard with his force powers. It also appears in the Clone Wars TV show, used by Turk Falso in season one.

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