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DN Bolt Caster
DP-23 Full
Basic Info

ARC Caster


Galactic Republic

Weapon Details

Infinite Shots

Rate of Fire:

1 shots per second (lowest charge) 0.3 shots per second (full charge)


DN bolt caster

The "DN Bolt Caster" was a type of ARC Caster developed by Drever Corporation. The DN Bolt Caster was the prototype for the new Republic Shotgun the DP-23 Shotgun, the two weapons shared a common design but the Bolt Caster fired a long arc of plasma instead of split blaster bolts. Whilst the two weapons shared a identical stock design the workings were very different, what was a compressed gas package under the barrel of the DP-32 was a high voltage power-pack used to ionize the gas inside the Bolt Caster into the long arcing plasma strands. The DN Bolt Caster was developed after the The Battle of Naboo in order to combat the droid forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When the Clone Wars broke out, many Clone Pilots utilized this weapon in several key conflicts including the Battle of Geonosis, the Defense of Kamino, the First Battle of Rhen Var, and the Battle of Kashyyyk. This weapon could be charged for greater power as well as a chain effect in which the electrical shocks would travel from one droid to another. This feature is similar to the later ARC Caster designs of the Galactic Civil War. Overall, the opinion of the Clone Troopers was that the DN Bolt Caster was a great weapon, but it's limited ammo was always an issue.


  • Originally, this weapon was going to be given to Jet Trooper as seen in the March 2004 Beta, but it was given to the Clone Pilot in the final version.