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Darth Sidious
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Darth Sidious, also known by his real name Sheev Palpatine or simply the Emperor, is a Galactic Empire villain in the Star Wars: Battlefront series. He is the overarching villain of the Star Wars saga, appearing in each of the three trilogies. In the prequel trilogy, Sidious is a charismatic politician, later Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, as well as a secret Sith Lord and the master of Darth Maul and later Count Dooku. He engineers the Clone Wars and eventually transforms the Republic into the Galactic Empire, in the process wiping out the Jedi Order and turning Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of the Force, who becomes his third apprentice, Darth Vader. In the original trilogy, Sidious is the Emperor of the Galactic Empire and Vader's master, who attempts to turn his son Luke Skywalker to the dark side, but meets his demise at the hands of Vader, who sacrifices himself to save his son and kill Sidious, whilist the Empire is defeated by the Rebel Alliance. In the sequel trilogy, Sidious returns from the dead and is revealed to be the mastermind behind the First Order, as well as the grandfather of Rey. He attempts to reclaim control of the galaxy, but is ultimately killed by his granddaughter, this time for good, marking the definitive end of the Sith. Sidious has also appeared in various Star Wars media outside the films, and has become a well-known symbol of evil in popular culture.

In the games, the Emperor is a powerful hero character. His standard lightsaber attack is fairly substandard, but his jump-slam attack is utterly devastating on enemies. His force lightning will also cause some serious damage.


Darth Sidious is a slow-paced fighter and wields a red-bladed lightsaber, which is deactivated until an attack is prompted. His attacks consist of a few hacks and slashes, which, after finishing the attack sequence deactivates his lightsaber. Sidious's most useful ability is his unique talent with force lightning. Sidious is capable of levitating through the Force, which allows him to reach high altitudes. Unusually for a lightsaber-wielding Hero, Darth Sidious's jump attack is a devastating burst of Force Lightning, not a lightsaber attack. When sprinting, Sidious can attack with a decently accurate swipe and retains any previous momentum. He can do 3 strikes at one time.


Name Image Ammo
Darth Sidious Lightsaber Lightsabre Infinite Use
Force Lightning Force Lightning Infinite Use
Force Choke Force Choke Infinite Use



  • Darth Sidious may have the most dangerous sprint attack in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Every time he hits an enemy with his sprint attack, he gets more momentum, meaning he will not stop his sprint attack until he either misses an attack, or is stopped by the player controlling him. Once this happens, the player will need to wait a few seconds until they can use the attack again.
  • Darth Sidious on the PC can do a Force Choke and Force Lightning at the same time for a unlimited time if the player Force Chokes his enemy and switches the Force power as quickly as possible.
  • Darth Sidious also has one of the most powerful Jump Attacks in Star Wars Battlefront 2. If the player double jumps and hits the primary attack button/right trigger while in the air, Sidious will fly at the ground and cause a Force Lightning explosion that kills most enemies around him instantly. If that doesn't kill them, it will stun them for a short time.
  • Darth Sidious on the Assault can sometimes spam lightning or blocking using his lightsaber. one common weakness is to use explosives, attack from behind or create a diversion using other heroes which it can take down.
  • Darth Sidious can walk in the films, but in Star Wars Battlefront 2, he floats.
  • Speaking of floating, Darth Sidious is the only hero that floats as a way to walk.
  • In addition to floating his double jump allows him to fly unsupported. He can only stay flying if his energy bar isn't empty however, or he'll float down.
  • He is voiced by Nick Jameson in Star Wars: Battlefront II.



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