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Darth Vader, also known as Lord Vader, is a playable Imperial and Dark Side Villain character in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

Overview Edit

"You will know the power of the dark side."
— Intro Dialogue

Lord Vader is a menacing presence to behold on the battlefield, the sound of his breathing apparatus combined with his lightsaber cutting down foes is enough to strike fear into any insurgent. His mask glows with the hue of his blade on any battlefield that he enters. Lord Vader is a tank for the Empire. With his trait Bodyguard, which boosts up his defense, he has the capability to wipe out an entire rebel base without losing much health.

His omniscience emanates as he takes objectives, and clears the path for minions and allies.

Darth Vader is a powerful, close quarters villain but can have trouble closing distances purely based on agility. His Flight plays an important role in closing the gaps between enemies. In close range, Vader's abilities are very destructive to his foes. However, he is much slower than other heroes.

Trait: Darth Vader's armor increases based on the number of enemies surrounding him. Heroes count as two enemies towards his trait progression. Armor is a bonus amount of health added to a player's health bar that not only grants the player an increased amount of health but a greater amount of damage resistance as well. Darth Vader's trait, like the other heroes in Star Wars Battlefront, has three levels, each more powerful than the previous. The bonuses given to Darth Vader for each level of his hero trait are defined below:

Level 1: 20% for 1-2 enemies

Level 2: 50% for 3-4 enemies

Level 3: 80% for 5 or more enemies

Weapons & Abilities Edit

Darth Vader has five powerful abilities. He shares two of his abilities with his son, Luke Skywalker;

  • Heavy Attack: A powerful sweeping attack, intended to strike down multiple close-ranged enemies at the same time, using this attack with Luke Skywalker will initiate a nostalgic scene in which they'll both try to overpower each other with raw strength.
  • Force Choke: Darth Vader uses the Force to choke enemies and suspend them in the air. This only targets one enemy at a time.
  • Saber Throw: Darth Vader uses the Force to sling his Lightsaber across long distances, using it to cut down enemies. Saber Throw tends to throw from the hip, not the arm, so aim upwards or float a little.
  • Deflected Shot: Darth Vader can deflect blaster fire from enemy units with his lightsaber, for a short time. This originally only lasted for 4 seconds, but an update increased it to 8.
  • Force Flight: Vader is one of the only two characters in battlefront to use unsupported flight Instead of jumping he will "fly" a few feet off the ground. Unlike the Emperor who also possesses this ability, he doesn't have the force dash that greatly increases his distance.

Tips Edit

Vader is considered to be a powerful tank. Vader is very resilient as it is now near as impossible to defeat him even with a hero. Vader can now take down heroes like Chewbacca (a Wookiee tank) while having other heroes or infantry shooting at his back. He actually gains armor Trait up when hitting heroes and getting damaged. Vader can take down Chewbacca with at least 40 health left (depending on how the player plays Chewbacca).

Updates Edit

Quotes Edit

"Impressive. Most impressive"
— Emote
"Your defeat is inevitable."
— emote
"Feel the power of the dark side."
— emote
"You are nothing against the power of the Force!"
— Upon Force Choking an opponent
"Witness the power of the Force."
— upon attack
"Come to me."
— using Heavy Strike
"You will die by my hand!"
— using Heavy Strike
"You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor!"
— Upon attacking Princess Leia
"I sense young Skywalker's presence"
— When Luke Skywalker enters the battlefield

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Overview Edit

"Darth Vader's high survivability and powerful Force powers enable him to stand on the frontlines and slowly advance on his enemies."
— In-game Description

Darth Vader is a tank. His lightsaber deals a considerable amount of damage, and he can sustain himself and his melee attacks and defenses even longer using his Focused Rage, giving himself bonus health, in addition to the massive health pool he already possesses, and unlimited stamina for a period of time.

While Vader is slow moving, he is not limited to his short range, and can launch his lightsaber forward at enemies using his Saber Throw. His lightsaber can deal damage twice if it hits enemies both when Vader throws it and on the saber's return to Vader's hand.

Finally, Vader can use his iconic Force choke power to choke entire groups of enemies at once, lifting multiple enemies into the air and dealing damage over time. If an enemy is able to survive the initial suffocation, Vader can finish them off with his Saber Throw or basic melee attack.

Weapons & Abilities Edit

As with all heroes and villains, Darth Vader has three unique abilies;

  • Focused Rage: Activating this ability causes Vader to pull on the force to enhance his own rage. This allows him to deal more damage against his target and allowing him to take more damage in return.
  • Saber Throw: Vader hurls his lightsaber at enemies. This ability is able to damage enemies twice, once when passing through them and a second time on the way back. Certain star cards buff the damage of the throw when passing through the same enemy twice, allowing for terrifying combos.
  • Force Choke: Vader uses his iconic Force choke to lift, damage, and drop enemies. When the ability is activated, Vader picks up any enemies within his range. Vader can then press his primary attack button to damage enemies further.

Tips Edit

Vader is a powerhouse tank. Having the most health out of all heroes and villains at 900 hp, he is able to take a lot more damage compared to others, especially when his Focused Rage is active. However, Vader is also quite slow. It is best if he is used alongside troops to support him, drawing fire and killing any enemies that come in range.

Vader is excellent in 1v1 situations against other heroes. His focused rage allows him to deal with other heroes large health pools quicker than usual.

Boost Cards Edit

Updates Edit

Quotes Edit

"You cannot hide forever."
— First emote
"You are as clumsy as you are stupid."
— Second emote
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
— Third emote
"Apology accepted."
— Fourth emote

Trivia Edit

  • Darth Vader's theme is the iconic Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back OST.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront, Vader's trait was originally bugged since it gave armor protection for enemy soldiers as well. This was corrected later on in a patch where it simply affected him.
  • Vader is one of the only three characters who doesn't play like a soldier. The others being his master and his son.
  • Darth Vader only has one version of his armor in the game. In the films, he has at least two sets of armor. When on the Death Star and on Scarif during the game, he is wearing the wrong suit of armor. In the films, the helmet has red eyes and the suit of armor looks different.
  • He is voiced by Matt Sloan in Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

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