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Imperial Blockade is a space map that is available in the Death Star expansion pack of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It was added in the Death Star patch. It features three Imperial Star Destroyers amidst an unnamed planet's asteroid belt.


The map has three Imperial Star Destroyers in a triangle formation, though only the lead Star Destroyer is in the play area for both sides. Dotted around the capital ships are various asteroids and large pieces of scrap metal.

Among the swirling pieces of debris are pickups for repairs, cooldowns, wingmen, and the Hero pickup. The player must be careful when trying to collect these tokens, as they can easily crash into debris and die.


Imperial Blockade can be played in the following modes (Death Star expansion pack playlist only):


  • The three X-Wings on the loading screen, from left to right, are Red Two, Red Five, and Red Three. The markings on the wings give it away.
  • The lead Imperial Star Destroyer is the objective for the first phase of the game mode Battle Station, in which Rebel Alliance fighters must destroy the cruiser's critical systems.
  • Dennis Brännvall, Lead Level Designer of Star Wars Battlefront, has been asked about the mysterious planet in the map's background on several occasions, stating that the planet has "never been seen before." Presently, it is still unnamed.