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501st Journal -- Death Star: "Prison Break"[]

Once it was finally finished, the Death Star was the Emperor's favorite toy. It was also the most boring assignment in the galaxy for a stormtrooper. Tedious inspection drills, endless hours of guarding impregnable force field generators ... things got so bad that when a prison break erupted in the cellblock we were almost happy to have someone shooting at us again. If only we had known what an embarrassing snipestorm we were about to wade into. We probably would've jettisoned the whole detention block into space.


From the Imperial officer:

1.) "Attention Hangar 84-G, there is a prison riot in progress. A contingent of the 501st is inbound from an exterior inspection. Join up with the squad mates in the hangar, and quell this riot."

Prison 3

2.) "Rebel forces are converging on Hangar 84-G. We cannot allow any of them to escape. Defend the hangar!"

3.) "Hangar 84-G is secure. The riot originated in Cellblock 2180. Get up there and secure that cellblock."

4.) "One of the Rebels managed to get his hands on the plans for this battle station. We cannot allow those plans to leave this outpost. Dispatch the Rebel carrying the plans and return them to our forces."

5.) "Well done. The plans have been secured. The prisoners have captured the Fire Control Room. You must not allow them to damage the main cannon."

6.) "The Fire Control Room is ours. The Rebels have infiltrated Hangar 85-G, and are preparing to escape on one of the shuttles. Get to the hangar and take out that shuttle before it takes off."

Jedi padawan

7.) "Well done, trooper! No one escapes the Death Star. Troopers, there is a Jedi in the TIE hangar. He is the source of this rebellion. Destroy this man. Now."

8.) "The Rebel leader has been destroyed. Our reinforcements can take it from here. The uprising has been crushed. Well done, trooper. Lord Vader will be most pleased with your performance."

Ending Journal[]

After the embarrassment of the prison break, Lord Vader removed us from our comfortable billet, and began dragging the 501st across the galaxy in a dangerous hunt for the now-missing Death Star plans. Ironically, our punishment eventually proved to be our salvation. The poor souls who took our place in the detention area were completely wiped out when the Death Star was destroyed.

Prison 2