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Command Sector North is a multiplayer land map in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is set on the Death Star II. It is the only map for the Death Star II.


During the Battle of Endor, a Rebel Alliance CR90 Corvette (or blockade runner) crashes into the second Death Star. The troopers on board will need to try to escape while the stormtroopers in that sector must stop them.

In the first phase, the rebels must disable the tractor beam so that when they escape, the Empire doesn't pull them back. To do this, they must override the tractor beam control and the tractor beam generator. If this phase is completed, the rebels must then override the main weapon controls and the turbolaser controls. In the third and final phase, the rebels must override the shuttle elevator controls to bring up a platform with an imperial shuttle on it. They must also override the hangar controls in order to move containers out of the way of the shuttle.

If the rebels win, a cutscene plays, showing the boarded shuttle flying away, while the Death Star II blows up in the background. If the Imperials win, a cutscene plays, showing Imperials detaining the rebels.



Co-Op Missions[]

The Rebels have mounted a daring ground attack on the Death Star II; the Empire fights to defend its command posts from the incoming Rebels.

Instant Action[]



Galactic Assault[]

"During the Battle of Endor, a blockade runner has crash landed into the second Death Star's hangar. The survivors must find a way to escape the Battle Station before it's too late...."
— In-game description

Darth Vader flanked by stormtroopers

As a battle above Endor rages all around it, an Alliance Corvette crashes straight into the Death Star. The surviving Rebels must fight their way out![1] On this map, the Rebel Alliance are the attackers and the Galactic Empire are the defenders.

In phase one, the Rebels must disable the second Death Star's Tractor Beam so that they can escape without the ship being pulled back by the tractor beam. To accomplish this, they must override both the Controls and the Generator. If both objectives are overridden, the match progresses to phase two, wherein the Rebels must disable the Death Star's weapon systems. The Main Weapon Controls and the Death Star's Turbolaser Systems are both poised to be overridden by the Alliance to aid the Alliance fleet still fighting in space. In the final phase, the Rebels enter the Northern Command Sector's hangar in order to make their escape. They must override the Shuttle Elevator to raise an imperial shuttle to the hangar. Due to cargo containers blocking the hangar, the Rebels must also override the Hangar Control in order to move them out of the way. If the Alliance wins, they will escape in the shuttle. If the Empire wins, the Rebels will be detained and kept in a hangar.

Heroes vs. Villains/Hero Showdown[]

The area where the final phase of Galactic Assault and Co-Op on this map takes place is playable in both Hero modes.


"In a desperate attempt to steal important data on the Imperial Fleet, the Rebels launch a small strike team to infiltrate the mighty Battle Station...."
— In-game description

The Rebel Alliance must steal the Imperial Plans and deliver them to their extraction point. The Galactic Empire must defend the plans until the Rebel reinforcement count runs out.


  • Command Sector North is located close to Emperor Palpatine's Throne Room.


1.1 Patch

1.0 Patch

  • Fixed several collision issues on the Death Star II.