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Death Star Surface is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it was added in the Death Star expansion pack. It is only playable in the third phase of Battle Station and Fighter Squadron.


This map takes place in space, and focuses on various trenches of the Death Star, which Rebel players follow in the Battle Station game mode to destroy the battle station. Some of these trenches even lead to interior sections of the Death Star, which are included in the trench run checkpoints. Be careful in those trenches though, there is even an interior section that contains a symmetrical array of red panels. Do not take the path into these panels because they lead to a dead end which is nearly impossible to maneuver out of.

Battle Station[]

There is a massive amount of checkpoints for the Rebels, making it very long before they can reach their destination to blow up the Death Star, which makes it a little easier for the Empire to stop them before they arrive.


  • The Death Star's polar trench (the polar trench is the trench which the Rebel's flew in during Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) is visible and players can fly through it, but Rebel players who are chosen to destroy the Death Star must navigate through tight corners and turns as directed by the 'checkpoint' marker. This is very unusual and is considered at the moment to be non canon.
  • There's a glitch that a TIE Fighter can destroy the Death Star with their own torpedoes.
  • Another well known glitch is where a hero character can spawn in on the surface, being able to walk around, jump, and use all special abilities. This glitch is activated when a player activates a Hero token as the second mode is ending.