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"Migrant by nature or perhaps necessity, humans fearlessly explored the vastness of space to find places they could call their own under their own terms, making them the most predominant species in the galaxy. While the planet they originally hail from is still debated, the Core World Coruscant is widely considered the human homeworld. As clone troopers were gradually phased out in favor of human conscripts, many more humans went through rigorous trooper training on Coruscant and at Imperial Academies throughout the galaxy to serve their Emperor with unquestionable loyalty."
— In-game description

Default Appearance is a set of standard appearances for the Galactic Empire's Assault, Heavy, and Specialist classes in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. As the default appearances, they are automatically unlocked for all players. They are listed as Common Appearances.


Battle on Scarif Update

  • Made an option in the Collection menu.