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Del Meeko was one of the members who were apart of Inferno Sqaud. Del was born on the planet of Coruscant. 



  • Before he became part of Inferno Sqaud, Del Meek was a Imperial TIE Pilot then went on to be an engineer, then eventually a Shore trooper stationed on the planet of Scarif
  • Del Meeko was also an excellent marksmen, and was Inferno Sqaud's engineer, and was an excellent pilot. 
  • When on the ground, Del mainally specialized as the sqaud's sniper. 
  • Del would also make modifications to Inferno Sqaud's droid, Dio. 
  • After when Iden refused to let Hask kill the people about to leave, Del said he was willing to follow his commander. Hask was most... displeased with this act which would eventually give Hask promoted to Commander. 
  • After the Battle of Jakku, Iden and Del falled in love eventually they married and had a child... Zay Meeko. 

Galactic Civil War

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