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Destiny IV is a Machinima film using Star Wars: Battlefront II, similar to A Clone Apart though not as high quality. It was made by M.E.H. Productions on Youtube, on thegarbageguy's channel. The series stars a four man squadron named Destiny IV: Commander Norad, a Clone Commander with a scottish accent; Private Johnson, a regular Clone Trooper who is a lazy Tactics officer and also an experienced technician, though he doesn't reveal that until late in the series; Private Theodore, also a regular Clone Trooper; and Private Francsis, a Clone Sharpshooter and amatuer technician. The primary antagonist of the first season is Lieutenant Commander Veraska (though he is called Lieutenant Veraska), commanding officer of the ship Destiny IV is assigned to. Another antagonist, Zuko, was a member before Francsis joined but was a traitor. The series has a lot of slapstick humor. There were two seasons of Destiny IV before the show was cancelled due to technical difficulties over 5 years ago.

Differences between Dentiny IV and the Films[]

Despite being shot entirely in Star Wars: Battlefront II, there are several major differences between the Series and established canon:

*Note:This list contains plot spoilers.*

  • Commander Norad is said on screen to have a "Scottish" accent, when there is no such place in the Galaxy.
  • Norad is also shown to have a dead "father" that is not Jango Fett.
    • Strangely enough, however, several jokes have been made on the show about the characters being clones.
  • Commander Veraska is the Supreme Commander of the Republic/Imperial Military, where in the films, it is Chancellor Palpatine.
  • The squad think they are responsible for the rise of the Galactic Empire, where in the films, the real cause quite obvious.
  • At the end of the Clone Wars, all remaining separatist droids were used to replace many jobs in the Empire, this did not happen in the Films.