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The Detpack, or Detonation Pack, is a large charge of explosives that is used by the engineer class of regular infantry, as well as heroes Boba Fett and Han Solo.


A Detpack

The charge is set off remotely via a controller and the detpack itself can be stuck onto any surface or vehicles. This attack is very useful for taking out targets with lots of health, and it is the most controlled of all the explosives on the game.


D-5 Detpack

Because of the fact you drop it, the detpack is most effective against slow/immobile targets, and for setting traps against enemy infantry. Though you can only have one Detpack in use at a time, if you have one deployed and die before it detonates, you can respawn as a class with detpacks and the previously deployed one will still remain on the field.

Detpacks themselves have a small amount of health, and can be easily destroyed by enemy blaster fire and explosives. Take care when placing Detpacks so that enemies won't see the blinking red light on the exterior of the charge.

Detpacks can also be released while flying, proving to be a very powerful weapon if used decisively in battle. If you hold down the button before dropping it and look upward, you can throw the detpack a fair distance. This is frequently used by players online, making engineers very effective online.