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Droid Marine
Droid Marine
Basic Info



Confederacy of Independent Systems

Unit Details

Blaster Rifle

Secondary Weapon:

Rocket Launcher


Thermal Detonators

The Droid Marine is the marine class unit for the Confederate Navy, it is only available on space combat modes and are noticeable due to their green markings. They carry powerful ammunition with a rocket launcher, but are not quite as popular as the pilot class because they cannot heal the ships they are piloting. There are usually about five Droid Marines on the map during space battles. These units are better suited for eliminating enemy infantry and are decent for taking out the critical points inside the enemy command ship. Marines, with their unique arsenal consisting of a blaster rifle along with rockets and grenades, can destroy a shield generator with as little as four rockets and two grenades, if placed correctly. They are not available in Space 1-Flag CTF. Their equivalent includes the Rebel Marine, Imperial Marine and Clone Marine.


Name Image Ammo
E-5 Blaster Rifle E5 200 Shots
E-60R Rocket Launcher E-60R 4 Shots
V-1 Thermal Detonator V-1 4 Count

Award Weapons[]


  • Originally, the Confederacy's marine unit was to be a Super Battle Droid.
  • The Droid Marine is unique in appearance, as opposed to the Rebel Marine, Imperial Marine, and Clone Marine; all three of them use an appearance from a ground battle.
  • If alternate figures are enabled, the color markings are disabled and the Droid Marines looks like the Droid Pilot.
  • The Droid Marine is best suited to deal with enemy intruders as their weapons and equipment are not efficient when attacking the enemy capital ship, as the Droid Pilot's time bombs are far more efficient than their rocket launchers.