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Droid Run is a game mode in Star Wars Battlefront.


This game mode features 12 players of Rebels and Imperials (6 on each team) attempting to capture control of three GNK Power Droids that are present on the map.

The objective of the game mode is hold down all 3 GNK droids. The droids are labeled with letters A, B, and C.

In order to capture a droid, a player must stand near it and hold off enemies until the droid is captured by the player's team. To capture an enemy-controlled droid, a player must stand near the droid and fend off enemies to first neutralize the droid and then capture it.

Droids controlled by the player's team will display a blue ring around them while enemy-controlled droids will display a red ring around them.

Each team must capture and hold all three GNK Power droids to build up capture progress, displayed on a meter on the HUD. Once a team reaches 100% progress, the match will end and that team will win. If one of the three droids is captured by the opposing team, the progress build-up will stop. If the timer runs out, the team with the highest percentage wins. If both teams have equal percentages, the game will end with a stalemate and neither team will win.

Unlike conventional Domination (the FPS gamemode that Droid Run is based on), the GNK droids are not stationary objectives and they do roam the map, slowly but steadily, meaning that over time, they may change position to different location, making it either easier or harder to attack or defend them.

If the player activates 3 GNK droids in a row in a single match, they unlock the "Gonk? Gonk!" Achievement/Trophy.


These are the maps that Droid Run is playable on:

*= expansion pack content


  • Droid Run was inspired by the Blood Sisters episode of Star Wars: Rebels. In the episode, the protagonists rendezvous with a courier to escort him/her off-world only to discover that the courier is actually a Gonk Droid. Throughout the episode, the protagonists are pursued by a bounty hunter that attempts to steal the courier by force. Coincidentally, the episode aired on November 18, 2015, the day after Battlefront's North American release date.