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Droid Tri-Fighter
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Separatist Alliance

Ship Details

1 Pilot

The Droid Tri-Fighter is the interceptor starship for the CIS. It is specifically built for tracking and destroying enemy starfighters.


Tri-Fighters are very agile, but require quite a bit of skill to handle correctly. If you can, you will quickly become a nuisance to the enemy, taking out ships quickly and skillfully almost before the enemy player realises they have been attacked. This is very handy for accumulating the points you cannot get from only taking out the critical points of the enemy Capital Ship. There are sure to be many of these ships present in any game in space. (Equivalent- Republic Interceptor, TIE Interceptor, A-Wing).


Name Image Ammo
Repeating Blaster Repeating Blaster Infinite Shots
Homing Rockets Homing Rocket Infinite Count


  • In the Star Wars universe, the Tri-Fighter carries a discord missile, carrying a Buzzdroid, not a homing missile. Also, the weapons it wields are three light laser cannons and one medium laser cannon.
  • In the Star Wars universe, the Droid Tri-Fighter is an space superiority starfighter, not an interceptor. A better choice would be the Scarab-class Interceptor. Also in Star Wars Battlefront 2, this Tri-Fighter shoots cluster missiles but not the buzzdroid.



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