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"Duros have smooth, blue-green skin, large red google-like eyes with slit pupils, lipless mouths, thin, noseless faces, and green blood. They are an adventurous species that can be found all over the galaxy. As one of the first cultures to develop hyperdrive-equipped ships, the Duros spread far and wide.
After the new rule of the Empire was declared, the planet Duro was one of the first planets in the Core Worlds to fall under Imperial control. Often finding themselves as fugitives from their homeworlds, many Duros joined the Rebel Alliance.
— In-game description

Duros Rebel 01 is an unlockable appearance for the Rebel Alliance's Officer class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is listed as a Rare Appearance, and is available for 20,000 Credits or 500 Crystals. This skin has one variant, which is only usable on Hoth.



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