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The E-11 Blaster Rifle is a fully-automatic weapon in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II that is most often used by Imperial soldiers.


The E-11 is a relatively small blaster rifle featuring optics for use at a longer range. Demonstrating its high Cooling Power, the weapon is equipped with cooling vents across its barrel, as well as an extendable stock, used to fire from different positions or carry more comfortably.[1]

Star Wars Battlefront[]

"A powerful and accurate blaster rifle, the E-11 is ideal for use in all environments. It has been adopted as the standard weapon of the Imperial Forces."
— In-game description


In Star Wars Battlefront, the E-11 Blaster Rifle is the standard weapon of the Galactic Empire. In addition, an upgraded version is used by Princess Leia.

In Star Wars canon, the E-11 was designed to perform well in any given situation, hence why it was the trademark firearm of the Galactic Empire. This vision is translated well into the game, with the E-11, despite being one of the two starting weapons in the game (the other the A280C Blaster Rifle), it can still hold its own against more powerful weapons unlocked at later levels, such as the DL-44 Blaster Pistol.

In the modes Survival and Skirmish, the E-11 is used by Imperial soldiers at the Normal difficulty level. At higher difficulty levels of these two modes, enemies instead opt for the EE-3 Blaster Rifle. As Normal difficulty entails less damage and accuracy from AI soldiers, the E-11 used by them deals around 17-18 damage. In Survival, enemy soldiers deal even less damage.

The E-11 is entirely free for all Imperial forces, although for the use of Rebels, the blaster can be obtained at Rank 8 for 1,550 Credits.

Princess Leia's E-11[]

Main article: Leia Organa

Princess Leia's E-11

E11 dice image.png
Damage 53-35
Rate of fire 300 RPM
Cooling Power 20 shots

0.05 heat per shot


Start drop-off: 30m
End drop-off: 60m


By virtue of its decent damage output, fully-automatic—and equally fast—rate of fire pattern, good accuracy, and low heat per shot, the E-11 solidifies itself as a balanced weapon capable of functioning at all ranges and generally all situations. Up to 10 meters, the blaster will do a maximum of 35 damage, equalling a 3-shot kill at closer range, before gradually hitting its minimum of 15 damage at 60 meters. In close range engagements, due to the blaster's above-average damage, it can win gunfights with relative ease, although playing aggressively and attacking enemies blindly is not how the blaster should be played.

Similar to the A280C Blaster Rifle, it rewards stealthy players that flank on the regular: being able to avoid as many gunfights as possible ignores the possibility of losing to many of the game's pistols and rifles that outmatch it at point blank ranges. At a longer range, while its damage drop-off is relatively mediocre, its good accuracy and scope makes up for this.

Generally speaking, it lives up to its description as a blaster "ideal for use in all environments".

Load out
Use of the Scout Trait is especially useful when flanking from behind and attacking unsuspecting opponents, and ignores its relatively low damage output in favour of more stealthy kills.

In order to defeat more offensive players, use of the Scatter Gun, or even Cycler Rifle or Scout Pistol can be useful, as the E-11 does not perform in its prime in closer range incursions.

When using the Scout Trait, Scan Pulse is a good option as it guides you in where to go when attempting in a flank, although basic knowledge of spawns can be helpful, too.

The E-11's main counter is, in particular, blasters capable of defeating it at closer ranges, most notably blaster pistolsas shown by this chart, all blasters pictured above the E-11 have the potential to beat it at a closer range. The E-11 performs at its best at a distance, where it can gradually pick off enemies usually capable of beating it at a closer range. When faced up against the likes of the DL-44, SE-14C, or EE-4 in their respective ranges, it is likely to lose.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

"Standard issue blaster rifle with reliable range and damage output."
— In-game description

The E-11 is the default Blaster Rifle available for the Stormtrooper and the Imperial Rocket Trooper in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.


As a default weapon of the Assault class, all of the statistics for this weapon are identical to the stats of all the other default Assault weapons in the other factions. This means the E-11 is good overall, but excels at nothing. This also means weapon modifications can not be equipped on this weapon which limits its battle potential. Rebel Hero Leia Organa also utilizes this weapon (A faster-firing, more damaging variant) within her middle ability Rapid Fire.

The E-11 deals a good amount of damage and is most effective at close to mid-range, where it is better at standing up to the other weapons for the Assault class. It also has manageable recoil, making possible to eliminate an enemy from long range. This weapon can outmatch certain pistols and blaster rifles at medium range. Like most other weapons, the best way to use this weapon is to aim for the head to take advantage of the increased headshot damage. 


Damage 36-19
Rate of Fire 300 RPM
Damage per Second 180-95 DPS
Range Start damage drop-off: 20 meters
End damage drop-off: 40 meters
Projectile Speed 700 meters/sec
Venting 1 seconds
Overheat 25 shots (0.04 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 5 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.3 heat per second


  • No changes



  • Despite the E-11 being the primary blaster of Princess Leia, she only uses it twice in the original trilogy, both times taken from Imperial forces.
  • In canon, the E-11's large and advanced cooling module allowed for a number of shots to be fired before overheating—in all canon sources this is declared as around 100, although in-game, in order to balance the weapon, this has been narrowed down to 19.
  • The E-11 is a British Sterling submachine-gun with a telescopic sight and slight modifications to the barrel. The version used in both Battlefront games is based upon the version used in Return of the Jedi.
  • The “E” likely stands for Empire, like the “F” in the F-11D stands for First (Order).

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