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The E-5 is a blaster rife featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is the default weapon of B1 Battle Droids.

Field Performance Edit

The E-5 is a blaster rifle available only to Separatist Assault Troops. It has basic zoom level and medium damage.

  • Damage - Medium
  • Zoom Level - Basic
  • Cooling Power - Decent
  • Range - Short, Medium, and Long (Not recommended)
  • Recoil - Moderate

Advantages Edit

The E-5 deals a good amount of damage and because of the manageable recoil, it's possible to eliminate an enemy from long range. Where the E-5 shines though is it's performance in medium to short range. This weapon can easily outmatch pistols and certain blaster rifles at medium range. The best way to use this weapon is to aim for the head to take advantage of the decent damage the E-5 does.

  • In tandem with the scan dart, you can locate your enemies and keep your sights on their head to take use of the good damage this gun does.
  • The moderate but manageable recoil means you can use this weapon at long range, albeit to an extent. It's best to aim at the torso when dealing with targets from long range. Go semi-automatic when dealing with long range enemies.

Disadvantages Edit

While the E-5 does good in the damage aspect, it can be outmatched by weapons with a high rate of fire such as weapons like the CR-2 or DC-15E. When dealing with assault troops armed with A280s, it is best advised to run from the fight. You will lose since the A280 excels in damage in recoil management. Obviously, fighting against specialists with heavy damage sniper rifles are losing battles. Just because the E-5 has manageable recoil does not mean you should always attack from far away.
id This is a recommended Loadout of this weapon. Use it if you wish.

Recommended Loadout Edit

In order to be efficient with the E-5, you will have to always know where your enemy is so you plan and coordinate your attacks.

  • Star Card #1 - Improved Scan Dart: The Improved Scan Dart will allow you to tag enemies onto your HUD and keep your sights on the targets heads to make use of the E-5's decent damage.
  • Star Card #2 - Marksman: While the E-5 has decent cooling, overheating while fighting a group of enemies could be your downfall. With Marksman, each headshot will reset your current heat buildup. This boost card will ensure that you keep your sights up and weapon is always ready to fire.
  • Star Card #3 - Slug Vanguard: To keep with the theme of precision and accuracy, Slug Vanguard would be a good choice. This ability increases accuracy and range of the Vanguard ability and since aiming at the head with the E-5 is a sure way to kill someone, the Slug Vanguard can be a good swap if your weapon overheats at the wrong time.

Summary Edit

The E-5, serving as the beginning blaster rifle for Separatist Assault Troops, is a reliable weapon able to tackle most ranges. The good damage and moderate recoil is this weapon's strong suits that will prove to be valuable during battles. However, faster firing weapons will outmatch the E-5 at close range. The CR-2 is almost guaranteed to beat the E-5. Nevertheless, the E-5 is a good weapon for beginners and even experienced troops may want to consider using this Loadout. If precision and accuracy is your thing, this Loadout will prove to be favorable.