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Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (EA DICE) is a video game developing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was formed around May 1992, then became a subsidiary of Electronic Arts in 2006. It is most famous for its Battlefield series, on which the original Star Wars: Battlefront was based, and the Frostbite engine, which powers a majority of EA's games, including both of DICE's Battlefront games. DICE currently operates in three different offices, with the primary one being in Sweden, and another in Los Angeles.

EA DICE's contributions to the Star Wars: Battlefront series are its most recent installments, Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel.


  • Karl-Magnus Troesson (CEO)
Battlefront staff:
  • Dennis Brännvall (Lead Level Designer for Battlefront)
  • Christian Johannesen (Weapons Designer for Battlefront)
  • Guillaume Mroz (Hero Designer for Battlefront and Battlefront II)
  • Oscar Carlen (Lighting Artist for Battlefront)
  • Mat Everett (former Community Manager for Battlefront and Titanfall 2; also known as "Sledgehammer")
  • Paul Keslin (Producer for Battlefront)
  • Ben Walke (former Community Manager for Battlefront II; also known as F8RGE)
  • Harvey Newman (Lead Animator for Battlefront II)

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