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"The EE-3 is an optically fitted blaster rifle capable of 3-round burst fire at long ranges."
— In-game description

The EE-3 is a semi-automatic blaster rifle featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It is a weapon commonly affiliated with the Galactic Empire, and is used by Boba Fett.


The EE-3 has a notably large butt and shoulder stock, which takes up the entire left portion of the weapon. A carbine rifle, it has a short albeit stubby barrel and, being fitted with optics, performs well at a range.


The Bounty Hunter Sugi, a female Zabrak Bounty Hunter, used an EE-3 during the Clone Wars.[1] But perhaps the EE-3's most notable user was Boba Fett, another bounty hunter instead active during the times of the Galactic Empire.

Skirmish and Survival[]

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Main article: Survival

The EE-3 blaster is possessed by all basic Stormtrooper infantry on both Skirmish and Survival on Hard and Master Mode difficulty. On Normal mode, all basic Stormtroopers carry E-11 Blaster Rifles. This is to the contrast of Rebels on Skirmish, as they will only ever use the A280C.


Using the EE-3[]

  • Strong against: Almost any blaster at range
  • Weak against: Stronger weapons with higher rates of fire at close range

Thanks to its all-around fantastic stats, the EE-3 maintains the traditionally high expectations in being a burst weapon. Solidifying it as one of the most reliable firearms available, its combination of sheer power at any range and high rate of fire give it the highest usage of any blaster in the game. And with good reason, too ─ there is next to nothing bad to say about it, aside from the fact that it is semi-automatic, is relatively difficult for beginners to pick up, and it bears the battle scar all of its burst weapon brothers share: a low Cooling Power, thanks to multiple bolts coming out at the same time.
As stated, the EE-3 works in just about any given situation, although this does not stop the fact that it can still lose in any given situation. At closer ranges, it is susceptible to the likes of the EE-4, SE-14C, DT-12, DL-44, or practically any point blank-designated weapon, and it is just the same for longer ranges ─ the likes of the DLT-19X or T-21B defeat it at longer ranges. In fact, the weapon has the third worst time-to-kill of all blasters in battlefront placing it in 38th place. What makes the EE-3 so good, however, is that it has amazing accuracy allowing you to consistently hit targets at all ranges. The blaster is at neither of the two extremes ─ it sits right in the middle of long and short range (not in the sense that it is a medium range weapon though, in a more figurative context), doing exceptionally well as both a close or long range weapon, but such can be exploited; as it is built to be balanced, it loses to weapons that are imbalanced to a certain range, when in their given range.

Also note that the EE-3's rate of fire is uncapped, meaning that it is based on how quickly you can pull the trigger. Blasters like the CA-87, for example, have a capped rate of fire because the firing rate is manually set. On the EE-3 it is the opposite, so try to pull the trigger as quickly as possible. The general pattern to firing the EE-3 is two mouse clicks or two trigger pulls per 3 bursts. So, while the blaster is firing, fire twice. Rinse and repeat and the blaster will fire at its quickest. This is the easiest way to "spam" the blaster, as such, as it relies less on timing and more on how quickly you can pull the trigger. The below video will demonstrate this practise further.

SWBF EE-3 Rapid Fire How To

How to "rapid fire" with the EE-3

Load out

Being a burst weapon, using as many damage modifiers as possible is efficient, as burst weapons abuse them more than non-burst weapons. An example of a positive damage modifier would be Berserker Trait, or Explosive Shot ─ the latter adds +10 damage to each blaster bolt, meaning that each bolt the blaster fires will now do 31 damage as opposed to 21. Multiplied by 3, as the blaster has 3 bursts, the final damage output will be 93, which is incredibly powerful. Note that 93 can only be reached at close range, where the blaster hits its maximum damage output. However, as Explosive Shot overheats the user's blaster much faster, this could, in fact, be more of a disadvantage, considering cooling flushes will need to be performed much more frequently. But note that this is only efficient ─ it's not the necessary way of using the EE-3, just a strategic way. Berserker Trait, in terms of actual synergy and strategy, is the best Trait to use with it, but dropping the usefulness of Bodyguard might make it seem like a no-go, for example.

Versus the EE-3[]

As stated, the EE-3 is built to no extreme; it is incredibly balanced, perhaps too much so. This can be exploited; at closer ranges, in particular, the EE-3 is beat out by more powerful pistols and rifles, most notably the SE-14C and EE-4. While this is not as effective, the EE-3 can be defeated at longer ranges by the likes of the T-21B and DLT-19X.

Boba Fett's EE-3[]

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Boba Fett's EE-3

EE3 dice image.png
Damage 30-20 (per bolt)
Rate of fire 120 RPM
800 RPM (burst)
Cooling Power 25 shots (8 bursts)
0.04 heat per shot

Start drop-off: 45m
End drop-off: 75m

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