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The ELG-3A is a pistol carried by the Naboo Security Guard. This weapon is available only in the Naboo: City of Theed mod map, carried by the handmaidens and queen.


The ELG-3A blaster pistol had a wooden handle (seemingly) with a silver or bronze barrel. The barrel can be elongated. This weapon was actually designed by George Lucas.


This weapon can fire green or blue energy bolts that deal quite a bit of damage at medium range. If charged, it can release an electric wave, and if charged all the way, can create shockwaves that resemble stun rings.

In the film, only green energy blasts are shown.


  • The sound effect used in the mod is taken directly out of the movie. One can tell because there is additional sound that shouldnt be there. One can use the proper sound effect by extracting it from another Star Wars video game (such as the original LEGO Star Wars) and sound munge the assets.