V-2 EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade, also known as the Electro-Magnetic Pulse grenade or as the Haywire grenade, is an anti-droid weapon often used by the Grand Army of the Republic. Like any grenade, it can be activated and thrown into the nearby vicinity of droids in order to immobilize or destroy them. In a similar effect to the EMP Launcher, the detonation results in a cloud of disruptive electrical blue energy that damages and disables electronic systems, however, its effectiveness diminishes with the distance from the blast area.


Battlefront 2004:  The weapon varies between the Haywire grenade of the Clones and the Booma of the Gungans. Visually, they're identical, aside from the Boomas having a larger light radius of 10 units instead of 7. But their impact is very different . From the data below, the following can be concluded:

  1. The Gungans wield grenades that are both weaker and have less of a damage radius, while retaining the same damage modifier against droids. Thus, the Gungan Boomas are all-around less effective against CIS infantry. This is most likely to make the first level of the campaign easier when compared to future levels that would be against the Republic.
  2. The Gungan Booma is more well-rounded, capable of dealing damage to all enemy types. This is likely attributed to the fact that this is the only weapon in their arsenal, whereas the Clone can rely on two other types of grenades specialized for other roles.   
  3. The Republic grenade is only significantly effective against doirds and sheilds, while still posing a threat (dealing half damage) to friendly allies. 

Haywire (Clones) Boomas (Gungans)

Damage = 450

Damage = 300

Damage Radius (Inner) = 4.5

Danage Radius (Outer) = 6.5

Damage Radius = 5

Damage Scaling:

VehicleScale      = "0.0"
PersonScale      = "0.5"
DroidScale        = "1.0"
AnimalScale     = "0.5"
BuildingScale    = "0.1"
ShieldScale      = "1.5"

Damage Scaling:

VehicleScale      = "0.8"
PersonScale      = "1.0"
DroidScale        = "1.0"
AnimalScale     = "1.0"
BuildingScale    = "0.5"
ShieldScale      = __



  • The Gungans fight droids using their "Boomas", which are EMP grenades in-game.
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