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The Elite Rifle is the Award version of the Blaster Rifle, unlocked by attaining the "Frenzy" Award (12 kills with the Blaster Rifle in one life). The Elite Wrist Blaster is the same, but for the Super Battle Droid.

The Elite Rifle fires a burst of three purple blaster shots, with a delay of about one second between each burst. It has a magazine size of 36 shots, equal to 12 bursts and has a variable amount of total ammo: Clone Troopers and all Marines carry 144 ammo, Stormtroopers and Super Battle Droids carry 180 ammo, and Rebel Soldiers carry 216 ammo. The weapon functions similarly to Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster Rifle and Han Solo's DL-44 Blaster Pistol.

The Elite Rifle has very high damage and can kill most enemies in 1-2 bursts to the body, or a single burst to the head. This makes it highly deadly and capable of dispatching most targets quickly and efficiently and close- to mid-range. Its high damage also makes it quite effective against Heroes and Villains, as long as they do not have Lightsabers to block the shots.

By obtaining the Legendary status on the Frenzy Award, you automatically spawn with the elite rifle, however, it requires the player to switch to the secondary weapon and back to use it when first spawning, otherwise the player still uses the regular blaster rifle.


The Elite Rifle must be unlocked to use it.

Elite Wrist Blaster[]