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Embrace The Dark Side Of The Force is the tutorial of Star Wars Battlefront. In this mission, you play as Darth Vader and, with the help of your Snowtroopers, must wipe out the Rebel Base of increasingly stronger Rebel forces, while the game finishes installation.


You spawn in as Darth Vader, tasked with destroying the Rebel forces hiding in the bases of Hoth while Battlefront installs. The first enemies are relatively weak, being a few normal Rebel soldiers spread out around the cave.

Later enemies, however, are larger in size, wield more powerful weaponry, and tend to do hit-and-run attacks, making it tedious to chase down and kill all of them.

The final waves put you up against even more soldiers, now accumulating in one place in an attempt to mow you and your troopers down with sheerpower. You are also put up against Ishi Tib Jetpack Soldiers, wielding Jump Packs which can make them a harder target to hit.

After a while, the game finishes installation and you are given the option of continuing to play the tutorial or jumping into the main game.