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Imperial Station is a map in Star Wars Battlefront. It is playable on Battles, Blast, Cargo, Hero Battles and Heroes vs. Villains.


The map has two main rooms a power room and a command center. Numerous corridors surround the rooms on two levels. In the middle of the map, there is a landing platform with 2 shuttles. There is a corridor on one side of the map connecting the two main rooms to each other. On the other side of the map players can go under the landing platform to reach the other side.

Heroes vs. Villains[]

Heroes vs. Villains on this map can be very chaotic and cramped. It is advisable to use the Jumpack often while outside. Heroes or villains should mostly stick with entrances that contain multiple passageways so they can lose their opponent or to surprise them.


Cargo on this map can also be hectic. The Rebels’ cargo is stored in the command center on one side of the map while the Imperials’ cargo is stored in the generator room. Players that steal the cargo can use a tunnel to sneak into their team's base, or can go the main way and escape through the blast doors into their section of the base. Players should watch the Cargo either up close or from a distance to keep it safe, or to help another carrier from being killed.


In Blast, this map is based on close-quarter style combat and is also quite a hectic map.