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Energy or stamina is a representation of the amount of special moves that a unit can do. The amount of energy the unit has left is shown as the yellow bar in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, just underneath the health bar. It first appears yellow, but as energy is used, it changes colors. It starts off yellow, but when energy is low, it becomes red, before finally, it becomes white.


The yellow bar underneath the lightsaber represents your players energy.

Uses of Energy[]

Energy is used up by actions such as:

Each action consumes energy at different rates and graduations.

Recovering Energy[]

  • It is impossible to recover energy while in a jump animation; walking off a platform is fine for the first few seconds.
  • Standing still recovers energy twice as fast as moving around.
  • Crouching has no effect on energy recovery.
  • Obtaining an Energy Regeneration Bonus lets the obtainee recover health faster.
  • Using a yellow-coloured HAAD completely fills the energy bar.