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The Enforcer class is a Reinforcement class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. The Enforcer class consists of powerful special units with high-damage outputs. Like all other Reinforcement classes, the Enforcer can only be played by earning a certain amount of Battle Points.


Each faction has its own Enforcer classes. This means that the weapons and abilities of Enforcer units vary from faction to faction. To learn more about a particular Enforcer unit, including its unique weapons and abilities, find the unit in the Faction units section.

Like all units, the Enforcer's class level is determined by the experience earned and time played in game with the class. Star Cards for the Enforcer class can be unlocked through Skill Point, one of which is earned each time the class is leveled up.

Faction units[]


Star Cards[]

Boost Cards[]

SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Survivalist large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Enforcer Training large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Expert Weapons Handling large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Acquisition large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Battle Hardened large
Survivalist Enforcer Training Expert Weapons Handling Acquisition Battle Hardened