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"You lived the good life in the Outer Rim, swiftly escaping with stolen riches before anyone was the wiser."
— In-game description

Escape Artist is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It is classified as a Trait Card. It was added on August 30, 2016. The purpose of the trait is to increase the player's movement speed, allowing them to reach objectives ahead of their enemies and swiftly run away from a bad situation.


Escape Artist increases the player's speed when equipped. The Hutt Contract to unlock it is named "Escape".

This Trait is very effective in the fast paced modes, and big modes such as Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, Extraction, and Cargo. Especially in Cargo, when you have the data box and are carrying it back to your base. The trait is also very useful for reaching objectives ahead of opponents as the sprint speed bonus allows you to run at inhumanly fast speeds, leaving most other opponents struggling to keep up with you.

In order for the player to unlock the trait, they must kill at least 5 enemies with melee strikes, and defend an uplink in Walker Assault 10 times. If playing as the Rebels, the uplink must be turned on when it is defended for it to count and if playing as the Imperials, the uplink must be turned off when defended for it to count.

Trait Level 1: 10% Speed Increase

Trait Level 2: 25% Speed Increase

Trait Level 3: 50% Speed Increase


  • At Trait Level 3, the player will be able to run fast enough to rival Greedo and Luke Skywalker in terms of movement speed. The player however, will need a noticeable headstart to outrun said heroes as the player will only be able to move at identical speed to Greedo and Luke, the player will not be faster than the heroes.
  • The trait originally had an ability to deal lethal melee strikes which could deal at least 120 damage to enemies. When the Death Star expansion pack came out, the patch that was added with it removed the lethal melee ability.